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Geography Neutral Remote Workforce IT Support

Geography Neutral Remote Workforce IT Support

The global scene has been very interesting and dynamic over the past two and half years. It feels like the seesaw slamming to the ground in one direction only to slam to the ground in the opposite direction within 18 months.

Living a new life with the pandemic, 2021’s remarkable burst of demand, supply chain issues, the great resignation, talent shortages, permanent remote work relationships, serious geopolitical situations in Russia and Ukraine, record high gas prices and soaring inflation in 2022, Federal interest rate increases the highest since 1994, signs of a recession and layoffs in 2022.

It's a lot to take in and figure out what it all means. I’ve read article after article about companies that need to quickly adapt and pivot during these times or risk becoming irrelevant and obsolete. Easier said than done. Ideally, the goal of a pivot is to move the needle from pointing in the wrong direction to pointing in the right future direction.

Supporting Hiring Needs of
a Remote Workforce

One of the primary pivot points relates to finding, keeping, and developing quality talent. Current and potential employees have leveraged and wielded their position of power to improve compensation, increase benefits, and work where they want and when they want. This has forced employers to scramble to meet these changing needs, which often increases costs. Companies are being squeezed with higher costs while trying to maintain margins without burdening customers with major price increases.

Companies have had to quickly learn how to onboard and support remote staff outside of their primary location. Getting the right talent for your Texas based company may require hiring remote staff in other states, from Pennsylvania to California. Employees are prioritizing where they want to live above where they work more than ever before. The geographic expansion requires navigating multiple time zones, different tax and HR laws, and providing the equipment and tools required to do the job.

These realities can put a severe operational strain on the business. Ensuring employees have the right technical tools and support is a foundational need regardless of where they physically sit. Companies often use third-party IT suppliers to provide technology services and support. The IT provider must have the ability to provide quality, cost-effective support anytime, anywhere.

There may be a comfort level knowing your IT provider is local to the corporate office, however the reality is it’s more important your IT partner can provide rapid high-quality support regardless of any physical location. This has become more pronounced with the ongoing migration of on-premise systems to cloud-based systems. Location just isn’t as important as it once was (with the obvious exception of location-oriented businesses).

It is more important your IT provider have the ability and experience to support customers, regardless of where they are geographically located.

Geography Neutral IT Support

The reality today is your IT partner must be geography neutral and able to provide exceptional service nationwide and beyond. IT managed service providers have always had to support some level of remote operations, such as branch offices and remote workers, but not to the extent we now see in the past two years. Having and improving the right processes, people, and tools are crucial to providing seamless support.

A single user in Bangor, Maine requires the same level of service as one in Boise, Idaho, or Dallas, Texas. With the ever-increasing need for security, every user must have a standardized, managed work environment that ensures company data and assets are constantly protected.

Fluid IT has the experience and solutions to service your team, wherever they are located.Contact us today to discover how we can solve your IT challenges.

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Geography Neutral Remote Workforce IT Support

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Geography Neutral Remote Workforce IT Support

The global scene has been very interesting and dynamic over the past two and half years. It feels like the seesaw slamming to the ground in one...

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