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The Fluid View of a Great Team

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How do you attract and retain the best people? How do you build a team of talent?

These are questions and challenges every company faces.

We’re no exception. Like most other companies out there, our people are our number one asset.

Our people are so critical to our success, and to the success of the businesses we serve, we have put a lot of focus on defining, creating and nurturing the Fluid culture.

We’ve found that the best people don’t just have superior technical and engineering skills – they are also passionate about customer service and exude our cultural values.

Like three legs of a stool, skills, customer service and culture keep our company – and our clients’ companies – upright.

So what’s our secret to a stellar team and a thriving company culture?

The 8 Power Words

The foundation of the Fluid culture is our 8 Power Words.

  1. Fun
  2. Dedication
  3. High Performance
  4. Devotion
  5. Accountability
  6. Family
  7. Strength
  8. Compassion

These eight words keep us aligned with our company values, give us a target to work toward, and provide a framework that ensures we’re actually living our values and not just giving them lip service.

Each word has a specific meaning, and no word is more important than another. These 8 Power Words are the cornerstone of who we are and a part of everything we do.

Our employee-of-the-month and employee-of-the-year awards are directly tied to measurable and demonstrated achievements aligned with each word. Yes – we even measure commitment to family.

Why do we do this? Because we have discovered that an environment that consistently challenges and stretches our capabilities — while maintaining a sense of fun and keeping family first — enables us to achieve greatness.

That fun starts with a sense of humor in the office – raucous laughter down the hall is a familiar and welcome sound – but it also extends to our passion for technology. We get to work with the latest tech, explore cool gadgets and play in the technology sandbox on a daily basis. This drives excitement and innovation in every corner of our company, which leads directly to better service for our clients.

A Great Team Keeps Growing

As a growing company, nothing is more exciting than finding that next technology expert just waiting for an opportunity to bloom with a great team. We are constantly on the hunt for these exceptional individuals.

To attract those talented employees and keep them happy and engaged, we offer flexible work schedules, new-hire welcome events, regular happy hours, company events – and maybe most importantly – we reward innovation.

When I hear, “I never had this at any other job,” or “This is the best job I’ve ever had!” or “This has been amazing. You really do care about us,” that’s the most amazing feeling.

We are always on the lookout for the best and the brightest. Are you the next reason for us to have a new-hire celebration?

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