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Fluid Cloud

Rebranding Fluid IT

3 min read

Fluid 3.0… Why Now?

When I started, it was called "Fluid Consulting," and our tagline was “…because business is Fluid.” Twenty years later, there have been many changes, but one constant — business really is fluid.

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Understanding the Cloud

5 min read

Understanding the Cloud

In 2019 you would think the business community would have a good understanding of cloud computing. Reality is much different.  As I speak with business owners, management, and users, the “cloud” is still a nebulous concept more than a solution. ...

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Cloud Services

2 min read

We've moved everything to the cloud, we don't need IT staff or support

It’s Fall, the weather is cooler, football is in full swing and we finally moved all our systems to the cloud.  No more worrying about having the deal with all that techie stuff.  Life is good!

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