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Cloud Security

Data Breach

3 min read

Happy #$%@ New Year’s!! My Money is Gone!

This scam is downright scary!

Time is of the essence on this blog, so I tried to find a title that will grab your attention. I hope it did. I don’t...

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Angry man in a suit screaming

4 min read

Cybersecurity - "You can't handle the truth!"

I’m a guy who likes sports and movies, and my wife tells me that I’m constantly quoting sports analogies and movie tag lines. Guilty as charged.  So,...

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A laptop display showing red cross inder the text security breach.

1 min read

Security Breaches: The Kiss of Death for Small Business

For romantics, a kiss signifies love, affection, or respect. Unless you receive the kiss of death, which signifies that your days are numbered....

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IT Security Framework - Managed Security Solutions

2 min read

IT Security Framework for Accounting Firms

The AICPA released two sets of criteria for public comment this week (Sept 2016) regarding cyber security. Both focus on different elements, but the...

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Golden lock with the silver keyhole and key with the blue @ sign locked - Email Security

4 min read

DNC That Coming! Email Security for Your Business

I was sitting down to write a blog on security, focused on some of the latest data published regarding how IT security impacts small to medium...

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