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7 Weeks Remote

4 min read

7 Weeks Remote

If you would have told me 12 weeks ago that we would move 100% of our staff to work from home due to a global pandemic with stay-at-home orders, and that we would now be 7 weeks into working remotely I would not have laughed, but I might look at you with...

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Great Team

2 min read

The Fluid View of a Great Team

How do you attract and retain the best people? How do you build a team of talent?

These are questions and challenges every company faces.

We’re no exception. Like most other companies out there, our people are our number one asset.

Our people are...

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Employee of the Year

1 min read

The 2015 Fluid Employee of the Year Is...

Choosing the Fluid Employee of the Year is no cake walk. Not because we lack good candidates – but because we have so many great candidates! We take the selection process very seriously. We tie it directly to our cultural values and our 8 core...

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