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Security Delivered in a Box

A white color box with cyber security written on it showing all the services included in the package- Email, Cloud, network, workstation,wireless security and custom reporting

With news of breaches occurring daily, cyber security has been forced to the forefront of every business. The challenge is cyber security is a very complex subject to address with many layers using names confusing even to technical people. Trying to decipher and understand all the layers and what is appropriate for your business is nearly impossible without a team of experts to guide you along the way. Often the result is having multiple vendors provide different layers of security that do not work well together, are difficult to manage, and ultimately more expensive. For this reason, Fluid spent a year researching to find a better way. What we found was very interesting. There were many security companies offering specific pieces of an overall solution – one vendor offering a firewall, another offering anti-virus, and another offering cloud based security, and so on. This was the very overly complex scenario we were trying to avoid.

Using this knowledge, Fluid developed a set of solutions to address each layer of security in a unified way that can be centrally managed, while in turn reducing the number of vendors involved and related cost. The result is security in a box, a menu of security solutions to address each layer of security with options for increasing security levels to meet the specific needs of a business.

You are covered from the end user to the cloud!


The primary aspects in a consolidated solution had to include the following –

  1. Centralized management of all security devices and software
  2. Consistent ongoing management and monitoring of security events for remediation
  3. Proactive notification of threats
  4. Detailed monthly reports showing actual data related to the specific client environment and usage
  5. Inclusion all necessary hardware, software, and support renewals (firewalls, network switches, wireless access points, cloud based firewalls, etc.)

Whether it’s 3 devices or 3,000, Fluid can procure, configure, implement, and manage security using a single standardized process.

The results for our clients have been fantastic!

After implementation of the service, we review the initial monthly security report with our clients and without exception, the report shows activities they had no idea were occurring. Not only do they have visibility to what is actually happening in their business, they now can do something about it. Whether it is through creating a company policy or having Fluid systematically block certain traffic, the business is now in control.

In addition, because the service is all-inclusive and standardized, it can very easily scale as the company grows. We have many clients that open new branch offices around the country and we can very quickly deploy the solution to those locations and add them to the overall solution. In addition, each location receives its own monthly security report, so analysis and action items can be done at the location level.

The reports are an extremely valuable tool for ongoing cyber security monitoring and remediation.

Cyber security reports in the form of a pie chart.

Visibility to outside attempts to infiltrate company systems allows specific geographic based controls.

A report showing geographic traffic assessment.

A primary role of any cyber security is to block malicious attacks and intrusions. Monthly reports show details on specific attacks.

Report showing intrusions and attacks identified and blocked.

If a deeper inspection is needed, we can even go to the user level to analyze what is occurring. This has been especially helpful for situations where there may be one or two rogue users that need to be addressed.

Report showing the end user and hosts machines that are at risk based on usage.

Unfortunately, employees are the number one source for security incidents. Knowing what they are doing is necessary to continue to improve security training and make adjustments to security policies.

Report showing frequently visited websites by category.

Fluid’s Security-as-a-Service includes everything you need, out of the box, to secure your business! Contact us now to learn how 214-245-4118 or wade.yeaman@fluiditservices.com.

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