Services And Support

Regardless of the size of your company, Fluid IT Services can help with our comprehensive set of cost-effective ongoing IT support plans. Our support plans are all built around the spirit of a proactive partnership approach, versus a traditional break-fix relationship. We don’t want you to only call when something isn’t working, because that’s reactive.

We want you to encourage a proactive approach that enables you to leverage all levels of our team from senior level advisory/CIO resource to our Level 1 technicians, and we have learned that our clients are more likely to do that when they’re on a support plan. All of our support plans all deliver that capability – regardless of your monthly commitment.

So stop worrying about whether or not “it’s included.” From basic desktop support, to server management to strategic subject matter experts, access all levels of our IT resources and leverage the knowledge and expertise that help guide your technology and business roadmap.

Fluid IT Service's Superhero IT Team!Fluid IT Services and Technical Support Plans


Here are some additional ways Fluid empowers your business

Fluid Services

Fluid Cloud

Mobile Device Management: per device / month
Microsoft Software License Rental:

  • Windows Server Standard: per user / month
  • Remote Desktop: per user / month
  • Outlook: per user / month
  • Office Standard: per user / month
  • SQL Server Standard: per user / month
  • Additional Microsoft Software available

Disaster Recovery:

  • Software: per agent / month
  • Storage: per GB for variable usage
  • Disaster Declared: per week / virtual server

Quickbooks Hosting: per user / month
Fluid Box

  • Enterprise License: per user / month


  • Attorney: per user / month
  • Support Staff: per user / month

Remote Monitoring and Management: per device / month

If we’re there with you from the start, we can help you plan every step of the way. No matter when you partner with us, we’ll make sure we help you with your immediate needs, fill in gaps so you have a solid IT foundation, and then make sure IT keeps pace with your business. It’s all part of the Strategic IT Roadmap we like to build for our clients.